Green Light for greenSand

Everywhere where sand and stones are, greenSand cleans up the CO2.

Pure in Nature.

greenSand: more than sand and stones

greenSand is focused on sequestering CO2 with Olivine by enhanced weathering. It can be found in large quantities all over the world. The reaction of Olivine (alkaline) with (acid) CO2 is relatively fast in comparison to other sorts of stone. The hardness of Olivine is roughly between 6.5 and 7 μm.

In the construction, agriculture and roads Olivine can be used as an alternative for granite, basalt and porphyry. Crushed olivine is suitable for semi-hardening or fill sand. The sequestering of CO2 is optimal when exposing olivine in small fractions to air and water.


The range is wide

greenSand within civil (re) design projects make CO2-neutral executions possible. CO2 can be reduced to 100% by compensating the expected CO2 emissions with greenSand CO2 Certificates. Slow release CO2 reduction.

The rate of the weathering process over the entire lifetime, so the sequestration of CO2 depends on several factors. The grain size, temperature, acidity and the presence of water and organic acids determine the speed. It can be said: the finer the olivine, the more humid the environment, the faster the weathering.


Semi-hardening and Fill sand

greenSand semi-hardening is broken into different sizes in the quarries. greenSand semi-hardening has a hook resistance when on the pavement, where the grains interlock with each other, resulting in the pavement being more stable for walking. These sharp-edged grains are ideal for flat traffic.


greenSand Applications

greenSand is delivered and certified in standard fractions of 0.3-70 mm. In consultation, fractions are tailor-made, finer or coarser, also available. A big advantage is that greenSand semi-hardening and fill sand are broken directly into the stone quarries.

● greenSand semi-hardening;

● Parking places, driveways, cycling and walking paths;

● Overrunable verges, railway line paths;

● Asphalt wear layers, concrete stone top layers;

● Rubble / ballast on roof covering;

● Slipperiness control;

● Stone baskets;

● Sand replenishment;

● Sanding sports fields / golf courses;

● Fill sand / drainage artificial grass.



Color: gray-green, semi-transparent. Weight: 3.27-3.37 kg / dm3. Product strength: 6.5-7 (Mohs scale)

Delivery: Processed or pure, big bags and bulk

1 kg of Olivine = 1 kg of rough CO2 reduction