greenSand cleans up CO2 certified

Sprinkle olivine and nature does the work.

Pure in nature.

greenSand Substrates

greenSand is a collective name for certified CO2. greenSand has the property that it cleans up CO2 with Olivine by enhanced weathering. greenSand has its own substrate line in collaboration with qualified substrate companies (RHP quality mark). The pre-mixed pot and garden substrates are enriched with quickly removable, fine fractions of olivine and easy to use.


Sustainable soil improver

The mineral olivine reacts with CO2 and water during the weathering, where bicarbonate (= lime) solutions are made. It is a chemical reaction between an acid (CO2 = carbon dioxide) and a basic stone (olivine). The lime solutions counteract acidification of the soil and the pH goes up. 1 kg greenSand olivine is equal to 1.43 kg of lime. Furthermore, greenSand gradually supplements magnesium. Essential for the formation of chlorophyll (leaf green).


Lime alternative and green algae on stone

Pure greenSand in a shaker of 2 kg or a bucket of 5 kg. It counteracts the acidification of the soil (no more lime needed) and also removes the green deposits on stones and tiles. In winter against slipperiness, simply sprinkle on snowy paths and pavements. 1kg of olivine removes ± 1 kg of certified CO2.


Perfect combination for growth

Easy to use, greenSand substrate absorbs CO2 and delivers dosed nutrients for a loose, nutritious soil. By adding olivine, the soil naturally receives lime and magnesium. Optimal for the development of a healthy root structure with high water-retaining capacity.

● gS tree soil

● gS-top dressing mix

● gS tree sand LWD

● gS roof garden extensive sedums / intensive shrubs

● gS tree granules

● gS flower box plus