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greenSand team the greenSand Sprinklers

When I was 17 years old, and a hippie, I solemnized to save the world. Finally, I didn't and I became a juppie instead. In 2008 I started greenSand , which is my second chance to help the world. By sprinkling as much Olivine as possible. But now as idealism with a revenue model. I became a Sandman after being a sound men my whole life.

Eddy Wijnker

Founder and CEO


I sprinkle greenSand so that my son and the future generations can live a wonderful life in the future. Our planet is all what we have in common and I truly believe in the regenerative capacities of our planet. Together we can unite and regenerate our environment, and greenSand Olivine is one of the great products that will help restore our planet.

Liselotte ten Bosch

Business Development Manager


Olivine, I have known Olaf Schuiling, the father of Olivine, for a very long time and that was how I got familiar with Olivine. So I became Eddy's second client in 2010. While studying Olivine I noticed that there are two ways of using Olivine. One method is to put the Olivine in a "pressure cooker" and manufacture reusable products (see Green Minerals). And the second method is as greenSand is promoting: using Olivine for civil, horticultural, roofing, landscaping and agricultural uses. Olivine is nature's "thermostat", which was able to control the temperature for Billions of years. As we increased the CO2 emissions, let's also turn this natural thermostat a bit down.

Pol Knops

Chief Technical Officier


I believe in a future where everyone on this planet has equal rights and equal changes. Knowing that the poorest people on the planet will be the first ones to suffer from global warming and the most CO2 emissions coming from the more developed country's make me feel responsible. I strive to make a good living condition possible for anyone on this planet. That's why I sprinkle greenSand.

Anita Doornbos

Marketing & Sales


Since the start of greenSand (2008), I have been working with full dedication to improve “mother earth”. greenSand Olivine connects completely to realise this objective. It is not just planting trees to capture CO2, because combustion releases CO2 capture. So many forest fires contribute to CO2 emissions. Besides the mechanical capture of CO2, which also releases too much CO2, my choice is greenSand Olivine for restoring nature. For me, the capture of CO2, as “mother earth” wants, it should be done with greenSand Ollivine. Now with my capabilities, I contribute to CO2 capture!

Pieter der Weduwen



Coming soon...

Jelle Brans

greenSand Promotor


Almost everyone is aware of the consequences of climate change and when it comes to CO2 cleanup people normally think of the usage of trees, while rocks can also make a great contribution. In my point of view, cleaning up CO2 by using greenSand olivine is currently undervalued. It’s important that this changes. That's why I'm promoting greenSand!

Maarten Hulsman

greenSand Promotor


What we all have in common is that planet earth is our home, and it is screaming for help. If we want to maintain this home for ourselves and future generations we need to take action right now and right here! What makes greenSand so special to me is the simplicity behind the natural carbon removal process, yet it is so powerful. I am beyond excited to spread the word about greenSand and do an internship with a mission and impact!

Laura Wallenstein

Digital Marketing Intern


I have always dreamt about working at a company with such a noble mission as “greenSand”. I love exploring the wonders of the world and I am happy that I can contribute to saving these very wonders from the ruining effects of CO2 emissions. This fills my work with purpose that drives me to share with the world about "greenSand"!

Daria Zagorodnii

Product development intern