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greenSand Olivine Landscaping with greenSand Olivine
greenSand Olivine Landscaping with greenSand Olivine

greenSand Olivine Sand

In the form of Sand or Sand Infill, greenSand Olivine represents a major contribution to your cozy landscape by enriching soil quality and enhancing a process of CO2 removal!

greenSand Olivine Decorative Stones

Olivine decorative stones constitute a model of inspiration in your garden by enjoying the creation of a sustainable landscape and mitigating the climate change effects while clearing CO2!

greenSand Olivine gabions

greenSand Olivine could be found among our products also in the form of decorative stones useful to create cozy and beautiful gabions for decoration and borders that capture CO2 permenantly.

greenSand Olivine substructure

greensand Olivine is a CO2 removing addition to your substructure. Olivine substructures are able to create stable paving and foundation and supplies soil nutrients efficiently.

greenSand Olivine products are a perfect fit for creating wonderful and sustainable personalised landscapes around your house or business.

greenSand Olivine is well known for its capability to capture carbon, as we like to say it 'With a grain of greenSand you can change the world!'. With greenSand Olivine you clear CO2 emissions in a proper and effective way directly from your own house! You make not only your garden pretty but also your world a bit more beautiful. The soil could benefit from the olivine’s nutrients and your landscape will come back to life in a natural and sustainable way!

greenSand Olivine Crusher Sand

greenSand crusher sand applications from Olivine samples are greyish/greenish coloured aggregates which consist of angular cubical shaped particles and are used for all types of constructions including: crusher sand, paving sand and general fill. The incredible and unique feature of greenSand Olivine is the ability to capture and remove CO2 from the atmosphere by making your garden/landscape even more sustainable!

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greenSand Olivine Sand Infill

greenSand Infill is used as infill sand for paving joints and artificial grass. Useful also for stable pavement, artificial grass support and is weed, moss and algae resistant.  After the pavement has settled down, fill the joints firmly to give weeds little chance. For artificial grass the grain is more than 80% round and therefore can be used both in landscaping and sport applications. During early spring and late autumn it can be sprinkled lightly as a strong natural lime replacement.

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greenSand Olivine Decorative Stones

Olivine decorative stones are popular supplements and look natural and environmentally friendly by adding valuable ecological and a beautiful ambiance to your landscape. Within the special and unique feature of capturing CO2, greenSand products help your garden to look cozy and sustainable at the same time! greenSand decorative stones are available in multiple sizes and are used as Olivine split, walking paths, and border decorations.

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greenSand Olivine Gabions

In addition, Olivine could be found among our products also in different sizes useful to create cozy and beautiful gabions and capture CO2 from the atmosphere. With gabions created with greenSand Olivine you can easily enjoy a natural and CO2 positive environment, maintenance free and tasteful solution. This fits perfectly also to other accessories such as a garden fireplace or flower boxes by adding the special and unique feature of capturing CO2 permanently.

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greenSand Olivine substructure

The Olivine substructure forms the basis of a beautiful lawn and must be tailored to the type of soil, drainage effect and ultimate purpose of your yard. Even in the ground greenSand still removes CO2 permanently as CO2 is present in the moisturized soil. greenSand Olivine has perfect qualities for substructures. It has a good water permeability, and due to greenSand Olivine’s high hook resistance forms a firm foundation.

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