Geplaatst op: 01-05-2013

greenSand olivine takes a trip to London

On a recent trip to London, one of our greenSand employees took the opportunity to make the capital that little bit greener. After explaining the concept behind greenSand olivine to her less well-informed friends, Elvira Davidsz allowed them to join her in the inaugural sprinkling of greenSand on British soil – or, more accurately, the cobblestones of Tower Hill.

The location, right next to the River Thames, was ideal to speed up the weathering process which allows greenSand olivine to bind CO2. This is because exposure to moisture means the mineral removes CO2 from the air more quickly. But offsetting a little bit of the London pollution wasn’t the only effect – greenSand olivine helps to prevent moss growth and so if you notice a tiny patch of clear ground near the Tower in months to come, you will know why!

If you are interested in helping to make this more than a one-off, why not consider becoming a dealer for greenSand olivine in your own country? For more details, email us at or telephone Eddy Wijnker on +31 (0)652676565.